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The Euroclydon Theme Song

“A Space Opera” by Jan Haak

For those of you who don’t know, Euroclydon started off as a successful table-top campaign, home-brewed by creator Steven McKinney somewhere within 2014. It started off as a pretty small campaign, a group of space travelers up against different types of alien species. The first incarnation of the game petered out fairly quickly though, due to various unforeseen reasons.

The first one just didn’t click.

However, the idea of a motley crew of heroes on a fast spaceship, evading the galaxy authority had merit, and that idea transformed into its incarnation of today, Euroclydon, a group of rebellious treasure-hunters oppressed by a Space Nazi Regime. This second incarnation became a very fun premise that many Beijingers enjoyed for several years. The Euroclydon was treated with the care of a weekly episodic television show: cinematic and well-paced, with all the table-top fixings you can imagine, including music and videos.

Very early on in this second incarnation, a song was chosen as the “theme song” of Euroclydon. At its core, Euroclydon was a space opera. At that time, McKinney was making fun opening-videos for the game so he searched “Space Opera Music” into the Youtube and stumbled across a song called “A Space Opera” by X-Score, The Sky Guardian Album, written by Jan Haak. Little did he know this would become the best Youtube search ever.

The song was absolutely incredible and led McKinney to even more great music by X-Score. Seriously, X-Score music has thousands of views on Youtube and it can be found in other platforms as well. McKinney became a HUGE fan of X-Score music.

Every Euroclydon session began with “opening credits” and its fandom theme song “A Space Opera”. This song became synonymous with the table-top game itself. All the players would hum along as “A Space Opera” set the tone for each game session.

Now, fast-forward to 2023, where Euroclydon is on rapid pace to becoming a motion graphic novel, chockablock with motion graphics, voice actors, sound effects, and music, something far more than a friendly table-top game.

As this project developed, McKinney decided he would ask Jan Haak if he could use "A Space Opera" for the Euroclydon MGN theme but had low expectations in the request.

Still, McKinney looked up Jan on Soundcloud and sent him a heart-felt message about being a fan of his work, and telling him about the Euroclydon project. McKinney told Jan everything, how “A Space Opera” was part of the Euroclydon, explaining to him how much the song meant to those involved on the project. They chatted on Soundcloud for a bit and then connected on Facebook. Then, Jan, being the awesome guy that he is, agreed to let the Euroclydon team use “A Space Opera” for Eurocldyon. Of course, McKinney Fan-Boy’d immediately. He is a massive fan of Jan (X-Score) and the fact he got to use one of Jan's songs for the project was a humongous wish-come-true! McKinney would like to take this time to personally thank Jan for this opportunity! "Thank you for letting us tie “A Space Opera” to Euroclydon, as it was from the very beginning!"

Everyone please check “A Space Opera” on Youtube! Also, please check out Jan’s other amazing musical scores on Soundcloud! Please support this amazing musician!

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