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Cast & Crew

Amazing Talents

Euroclydon the Motion Graphic Novel brought together some of the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals in China and abroad. Always creative and focused, our fantastic crew members spared no effort to make Euroclydon the Motion Graphic Novel a must-see production. To learn more about our cast and crew, take a look at some of their stories below.


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Steven McKinney

Screenwriter & Executive Producer

As Creator and Executive Producer, Steven McKinney played a key role in bringing the concept of Euroclydon to life on the screen.  He executed his vision through imagination, hard work, and professionalism.  He also serves as the character voice of Alex Devereux.


Nathan K Williams

Director & Audio Producer

As both the director and audio producer, Nathan Williams led the cast and crew, creating the audio aesthetic of Euroclydon.  He blended the illustration art with cinematic audio storytelling, creating captivating motion graphic narratives that come to life on the screen. 


Emily Li Rui

Lead Animator

 Emily Li Rui is the Euroclydon graphic novel animator.  She possesses an extraordinary talent for breathing dynamic movement and life into still illustrations, creating captivating visual stories that leap off the pages. Her meticulous attention to detail and innate understanding of pacing make her Euroclydon animations a mesmerizing journey.


Jake Gerl


 .Jake Gerl is the Eurocydon music composer whose sci-fi symphonies propel fans into uncharted cosmos, blending futuristic soundscapes with heart-pounding rhythms that amplify the interstellar adventures to exhilarating heights. 


headshot 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Steven McKinney
as Alex Devereux

Danton Lamar
as Daniel Cavin

Apryl Reagan
as Jenna Taft


John Shang
as Colonel Heilbronner & More

Myra Mala
as Cora Romanko

Deepak Mekwan
as Hansh Kishore


Franz Rügamer
as Abelard

Stephanie Stone
as Antonia Russo

Maile Cannon
as Zhang Min & Robot

Sonia Dowell Gilbertson
as Lady Schmidt

J. Paul
as Costa & More

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